How we ensure your training is of the highest quality

At 2414 Group, we carefully select our trainers to ensure that they have the following elements when conducting any of our courses.  Not only do they carry certain credentials, they have to undergo interviews, subject assessments and regular product knowledge reviews.  All of the above ensures that the quality of our trainers is of a high standard and, as a result, we are recommended time and time again.

What makes our trainers the best?

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Trainers need to hold the relevant knowledge in their area of teaching.  Questions constantly arise from trainees that must be answered, so, without extensive knowledge, the courses are valueless. All our trainers share knowledge and regularly discuss feedback amongst the team to continually improve.

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We always assess the trainer’s ability to conduct a training course.  It’s one thing to learn a subject but to present to an audience for several hours and/or days with questions and confidence can be challenging.  2414 Group have confidence in all our trainers ability and receive outstanding feedback each time they run a training course.

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We don’t want our trainees to fall asleep from constant, dreary and unmeaningly training content.  All our trainers engage with their audience with immense enthusiasm.  Facts, case studies and relevant information as well as practical guidance helps our audience remember significant and important amounts of content.

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We welcome class participation and always say to our trainees ‘please ask as many questions as you can’.  Both the course and the instructor should be engaging, because if they are not, then your course has not been successful.  Sometimes group discussion amongst multiple attendees is encouraged and can certainly be just as valuable.

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Above all,practical experience is essential to every training course.  It is one thing to learn course content and to take an exam but the experience of our trainers should be utilised wherever possible.  Consequently, we are used to comments such as ‘would you recommend…’ ‘have you ever…’ ‘what happens when…’.

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Each and every one of our trainers are warm, friendly, approachable and more importantly deliver the courses in such a way that you will want to train with us more and more.  They enjoy their time with trainees and if you ever have questions, queries or general support please just ask them.