GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation)  was enforced on May 25th 2018 by the European Parliament and forces GDPR Compliance for all EU businesses.  Due to the new regulation, which replaces the Data Protection Act 1998, the Data Protection Act 2018 has now been passed.  Because of The GDPR, a lot of organisations don’t know how to achieve GDPR Compliance and, as a result, want a better understanding of what is required.

The Benefits of attending a GDPR Course

2414’s GDPR Compliance training courses are a great way to start your journey, because, it walks you through the subject from start to finish.  GDPR means all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is kept secure and protected; furthermore, giving EU citizens new data processing rights including free access to their data.  If your business wants to achieve GDPR Compliance, our courses are very extensive and cover ALL aspects from start to finish.  What is even more important is that roles affected include HR, Marketing, IT, Sales and certainly, all business departments processing personal data.

What you will study

In contrast to the DPA 2018, the course includes everything from business policies, processes, business risk, third party risk and assessments, transferring data, rules under PECR, data protection by design, data security, incident response, legal requirements and finally, associated frameworks.  More importantly, we also include templates, resources, checklists and documents which will assist you with GDPR Compliance.  GDPR Foundation and Practitioner courses are certainly high on our course popularity list, due to this, we offer our courses UK wide as well as online.  Although GDPR seems like a very dry subject, we ensure that we use interesting and relative case studies as well as examples.  Finally our courses are price competitive.

Flexible payment options

2414 Group want to help you learn, we offer flexible payment terms, helping you spread the cost for courses based on eligibility can make a real difference. For more information on funding options or payment plans please call 0333 666 4446 or email info@2414group.com


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  • GDPR Foundation

    Our GDPR courses cover all areas of the regulation from start to finish.  Enforced on May 25th 2018 by the European Parliament and replaces The Data Protection Act. GDPR…

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  • GDPR Practitioner

    GDPR Practitioner is an ideal course to become a Data Protection Officer because it is practical as well as theory based.  The General Data Protection Regulation was enforced on…

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  • GDPR Foundation & Practitioner

    Our GDPR courses cover all areas of the regulation from start to finish.  Enforced on May 25th 2018 by the European Parliament and replaces The Data Protection Act. GDPR…

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  • GDPR Staff Training

    A GDPR Assessment is a good way to ensure you have implemented GDPR correctly.  Our GDPR courses cover all areas of the regulation from start to finish.  Enforced on…

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  • GDPR Assessment

    A GDPR Assessment is a good way to ensure you have implemented GDPR correctly.  Our GDPR courses cover all areas of the regulation from start to finish.  Enforced on…

    £850 Add to basket


We receive outstanding feedback

Our GDPR Compliance Training courses are delivered from an independent perspective, for the reason that, we believe this adds far more value.  Whilst we cover the legal requirements of the regulation, we also explain what you need to do practically to be compliant, as well as procedures and processes.  First of all, many IT providers deliver courses on the basis that they want you to purchase a product or solution, whereas, 2414 don’t sell any products.  Furthermore, we have two options; Foundation and Practitioner.    GDPR Compliance can be quite a complicated and time-consuming project, therefore, our certified practitioners make it as easy to understand as possible and, above all, are on hand to support you every step of the way.  Another reason for attending our courses is that we try to use as many case studies and examples as possible.

Get Certified

Upon successful completion of the course you will have a good understanding of what GDPR Compliance means to your business, more importantly, how it affects each of the roles in your organisation including HR, Marketing, IT, Finance, Compliance and general staff or, if you are an independent consultant, what you need to move into GDPR as a career.

We provide you with practical examples that are related and specific to your organisation, with guidelines to start implementing GDPR as well as the tools to start the process. This is because we want to ensure that you are protected as a business.

2414 trainers are experienced, are certified as GDPR Practitioners and to date have trained nearly 1,000 companies. Consequently, we receive excellent feedback and the courses are highly interactive and informative. Our trainers also have high levels of experience in other relevant fields such as ISO 27001, ITIL, Data Security, Cyber Essentials and the original DPA.  As a result, this knowledge can be applied to your questions.


Course Overview

  • Overview of GDPR, it’s background, terminology and, above all, what it means.
  • What’s new and the difference between GDPR and the previous Data Protection Act.
  • Key implementation and also, compliance areas.
  • Data subjects, responding to and dealing with individuals exercising their data protection rights.
  • Marketing departments and consequently handling data appropriately.
  • Human Resources departments and similarly handling data appropriately.

Key steps to implementing GDPR including:

  • Privacy by design
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s)
  • Protecting your business and adequate security tools
  • Training, competence and staff awareness requirements.
  • The role of a DPO (Data Protection Officer), Data Controllers  and Data Processors.
  • Incident Response, breach reporting, business continuity options and requirements.
  • Updating policies and procedures and also documenting processes now and ongoing.
  • Effective data security management.
  • International data transfers and third party agreements.
  • Related compliance areas including Safe Harbour, Cyber Essentials/Plus, ISO27001, Agile and also COBIT5.


GDPR Practitioner covers all the practicalities of implementing the General Data Protection Regulation. This is a workshop designed course that will give you practical steps, guidelines, project plans and more to ensure GDPR is handled effectively.

Content Includes the following modules:

  • (1) – Data mapping, data clarification and categorisation
  • (2) – Data Retention classification and legitimate business purposes
  • (3) – Security strategy – both from a technical and organisational perspective
  • (4) – Marketing strategy – how you market to customers, pseudonymisation and minimisation of data
  • (5) – HR Strategy – what do you need your staff to sign, read and furthermore, what do you need to implement
  • (6) – Subject Access Requests – Forms, where to place, process and above all, respond to
  • (7) – Breach notification, breach registers and also, breach policy
  • (8) – Performing Data Protection Impact Assessments, how to store and how to complete.
  • (9) – Policies, documentation, project plans and timelines.

This training course includes some templates, case studies, example data and finally, recommendations.

Who is this course for?

Consequently, GDPR affects many areas of the business from general management, HR, Marketing, IT, Compliance, Risk as well as any part of the business handling data. Furthermore any roles that are customer facing e.g. Sales, Customer Services, Customer Support, Complaints, Reception etc.  Due to this we can provide a cut-down version of the GDPR Foundation Course which lasts approx. 1-1.5hrs.



  • EU F GDPR Foundation
  • EU P GDPR Practitioner
  • Certified Data Protection Officer


  • Foundation – None
  • Practitioner – GDPR Foundation or recommended reading or experience in Data Protection


Data Protection Officer, Compliance Officer, Data Security, GDPR Representative


Uk Wide, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Reading, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton, Exeter, Chelmsford, Maidstone, Edinburgh and other city locations.


  • Online GDPR Foundation – £250 plus VAT
  • Classroom GDPR Foundation – £350 plus VAT
  • In-House GDPR Foundation – £950 plus VAT
  • Online GDPR Practitioner – £350 plus VAT
  • Classroom GDPR Practitioner – £450 plus VAT


  • (Live) Online
  • (Recorded) Online
  • City Based Locations, UK wide in Classrooms
  • At your company, In-House


  • GDPR Foundation – GDPRF
  • GDPR Practitioner – GDPRP

Benefits from taking this course

  • The Advantages

  • Ensure your business complies with the new EU data protection regulations and therefore, understand how it affects the data you hold.
  • Fulfil the mandatory educational requirements of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under the GDPR as well as educating employees to protect data.
  • Enhance your knowledge of data protection and similarly, develop your cv.
  • Be able to plan, implement, maintain and, as a result, support GDPR.
  • Learn how to produce and more importantly, implement a breach strategy, as well as, cope with incident responses and SARs.
  • Confident that your company does not attract fines in excess of 4% of global annual turnover or compensation payouts.