Since its most noteworthy introduction in 2010, Agile Project Management has fast established itself as the leading framework and certification for project management.  As a result, Agile’s influence on the project management industry continues to rise at pace. Consequently, more organisations and also project professionals than ever are embracing Agile tools and frameworks as they aim to increase the success of – and Return On Investment from – projects and other change initiatives.
Furthermore, key benefits often attributed to Agile include improved revenue and speed to market, developing the right product/solution (through iterative development and incremental delivery) and, as a result, increased collaboration and customer satisfaction.

Whether you are currently working in project management or, maybe, as a result of industry changes, have no experience in this area and want to move towards this as a career, the foundation course is certainly an ideal place to start.

Above all, adopt a practical and repeatable methodology that achieves an ideal balance between the standards and rigour, and also  visibility required for good project management, and furthermore, the fast-pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile.

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  • Agile Foundation

    Since its introduction in 2010, Agile Project Management has fast established itself as the leading certification for project management.  The influence on the Agile project management industry continues to…

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  • Agile Practitioner

    Since its introduction in 2010, Agile Project Management has fast established itself as the leading certification for project management.  Agile’s influence on the project management industry continues to rise…

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  • Agile Foundation & Practitioner

    Since its introduction in 2010, Agile Project Management has fast established itself as the leading certification for project management.  Agile’s influence on the project management industry continues to rise…

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Developed by APMG in partnership with the Agile Business Consortium, Agile Project Management certification takes the principles of Agile software development and adapts them to the project management environment by applying a process-based methodology to define the project management lifecycle.

The Agile Project Management approach focuses on developing products and also services incrementally in order to be able to cope easily with change, stay on track with business needs and never compromise on quality. As a result, it empowers team members to work together and consequently, deliver products that meet business and customer needs. Above all, the approach is also supported by eight core principles for project delivery, which underlines the need to communicate clearly and as a result, provide business value.

During the course you will cover areas such as timeboxing, planning, iterative development, evolutionary development and also, managing risk.

The AgilePM® Certification is based on the DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) Agile Project Framework, a high-level methodology for a corporate project environment using Agile. One of the world’s most popular Agile approaches, it was created by the DSDM Consortium, which has consequently rebranded as the Agile Business Consortium. As a result, APMG and the Agile Business Consortium launched AgilePM® in 2010. Furthermore, Version 2 of AgilePM® was launched by APMG in 2015. The maturity and proven capability of DSDM and AgilePM® makes them particularly suitable for a corporate project environment,  where there is certainly little room for risk or failure, and above all, businesses need a methodology which they can depend on.


This is a one day certified course in AgilePM® Foundation training.

  • Approaches, light or more extensive
  • The 8 principles of Agile Project Management
  • The Agile philosophies
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the project team
  • Educating an Agile team
  • ISR’s (Instrumental Success Factors)
  • The Agile Lifecycle (pre-project, feasibility, deployment and post-project)
  • Processes and Product Development
  • Collaboration and effective communication
  • Evolutionary Development
  • Iterative Development
  • Time boxing Free format vs Structured
  • Maintaining control in an Agile project
  • Requirements and Estimating
  • Risk Factors
  • The importance of PAQ’s
  • Agile Planning


  • Building on Agile Foundation knowledge
  • The role of project manager and team leader
  • Case Studies and Project Management Examples
  • Adopting the 8 principles into effective projects with Agile
  • Agile Methodologies and how to implement
  • Iterative development, control and managing risk
  • Facilitated workshops and daily stand ups
  • Anticipating and managing risk
  • Report writing and analysis
  • Requirements and Estimating
  • Past papers and exam planning

Who is this course for?

Current project managers or anyone looking to move into the project management field. Furthermore, any organisation considering an Information Security Management System, the most noteworthy being ISO27001, should certainly consider Agile first of all due to the need for a reliable and efficient project management. This is for the reason that a project typically takes 3-6 months and can, as a result fail due to a poor project management system.



  • APMF – Agile Project Management – Foundation
  • APMP – Agile Project Management – Practitioner
  • APM  –  Agile Project Management – Foundation & Practitioner


  • Foundation – None
  • Practitioner – Agile PM Foundation qualification and suggested recommended reading


Project Managers, Project Development, Managers or Project Delivery Personnel


Uk Wide, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Reading, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton, Exeter, Chelmsford, Maidstone, Edinburgh and other city locations.


  • Foundation – £550 plus VAT
  • Practitioner – £650 plus VAT
  • Combined Foundation & Practitioner – £1140 plus VAT (incl. 5% discount)
  • 5 x monthly installments avaialble at £240 per month plus VAT
  • Payment can be made via credit card, debit card, cheque, bank transfer, online, invoice or secure payment link.


  • Online (Live)
  • Online (Recorded)
  • Classroom
  • In-House


  • Agile PM Foundation APMF
  • Agile PM Practitioner APMP

Benefits from taking this course

  • First of all, deliver quicker, cost-effective and low risk change, as a result of implementing a tried and tested approach to agile project management.
  • Understand the background of agile in project management and also the differences compared to traditional / alternative approaches.
  • Equip yourself with the core principles, concepts and processes required for successful agile projects.
  • Learn how to apply the DSDM approach to projects and daily activities and therefore, embrace an evolutionary development approach for more effective solutions.
  • Boost communication and also stakeholder engagement skills which are almost certainly critical for successful projects.
  • Clarify different management styles needed for successful agile projects compared to traditional projects and, therefore, be able to tailor these to the situation.
  • Furthermore, help organisations deliver effectively, at a lower cost and with lower risk, due to continually validating project milestones against business objectives.
  • Above all, become an informed member of a project team using DSDM and AgilePM practices.
  • Finally, enhance your CV and boost future employment prospects.