Why Choose 2414 Group as your GDPR Partner?

There are a lot of legal advisors who are running traiing courses who present from a legal angle and include legal jargon that is quite hard to understand and doesn't give you the practical tools to be able to implement GDPR. There are also a lot of IT Companies that are delivering GDPR Training courses or consultancy from the perspective that they want you to buy a product or service which is very biased.

2414 Group present their training courses with a purely independent approach which means it starts with your legal requirements, what does your business need to do, how does it affect your company and your roles, your responsibilities, processes, policies, documentation and finally practical steps in how to implement GDPR. The course is extensive from start to finish and covers everything you need to start the process. Our trainers are competent, professional, interactive, certified and highly experienced in business operations, commercial law and other associated frameworks such as ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, Agile Project Management and COBIT5.

For GDPR Complaince, 2414 Group offer the following solutions:

GDPR Implementation

GDPR Outsourced Data Protection Officers

  • GDPR Foundation Training  For all our dates and venues please click here

  • GDPR Practitioner Training  For all our dates and venues please click here

  • GDPR Assessments  For more information on our GAP Assessments please click here

  • GDPR Audits  For more information on our GDPR Audits please click here

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  • GDPR Consultancy -   GDPR GAP and Risk Assessments. For more information click here.

  • Please see below an overview of course content that we include as part of our basic GDPR training, we cover over 90 slides, it is comprehensive in content and we receive outstanding feedback. for further information.

    • Overview of GDPR, it's background, terminology and what it means.
    • What's new and the difference between the existing Data Protection Act.
    • Key implementation and compliance areas.
    • Data subjects, responding to and dealing with individuals exercising their data protection rights including time limits.
    • Marketing departments and handling data appropriately.
    • Human Resources departments and handling data appropriately.
    • Key steps to implementing GDPR including:
    • - Privacy by design
    • - Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's)
    • - Protecting your business and adequate security tools
    • - Training, competence and staff awareness requirements.
    • - The role of a DPO (Data Protection Officer), Data Processors and Data Controllers.
    • - Incident Response, breach reporting and business continuity options and requirements.
    • - Updating policies, procedures and documenting processes now and ongoing.
    • Effective data security management.
    • International data transfers and third party agreements.
    • Related compliance areas including Safe Harbour, PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials/Plus, ISO27001, ISO 9001, NCSC's recommendation, Agile, Praxis and COBIT5.